Monday, August 24, 2009

My Wild and Colorful Dream

I have been praying for a renewal
of my creativity.

Perhaps this dream is the beginning.

A group of us were going to Subiaco Abbey for the night. I was driving a huge truck which seemed more like a bus. A few passengers were with me. I cannot recall the exact nature or purpose of our visit to Subiaco but someone told me to be sure and look out the window very early in the morning because there would be some cute little monster-like creatures running around before dawn. It seems they were part animal and part human and they appeared just before sunrise while it was still dark. Early the next morning (in my dream) I was awakened suddenly and literally drawn, like a magnet, to the window. Sure enough—there they were. The yard was filled with pudgy little friendly creatures running here and yon—decorating the trees, the lamp poles. Some were even hanging bright colored paper circles in the air; they looked like little Ferris-wheels and moved in a circle yet hanging in mid-air like magic. Then I noticed that some of the group I had come with were outside walking around with these friendly little creatures. And I thought, “Oh my goodness, they are actually out there in that magical land experiencing all that creativity while I am only watching it from the window. With that thought I went racing down the hall with the intention of joining these unconventional visitors. I woke up just before arriving in that that magical, mystical wonderland.

Now what was that all about?
I sure hope the Subiaco monks
take time to look out their windows at dawn.)


  1. Macrina, I am absolutely smitten by this! Thank you so much for posting it. I, too have been writing much about this concept of divine wonder. How affirming and beautiful your thoughts are! The photo is mesmerizing! Go you!

  2. I think the circle is significant. Try to re-dream it this time starting with you being out their with the little beasts, right in the fray, and see what happens......

  3. After reading this dream, that night I dreamt I was in a van going with you and Martha Stewart somewhere for a retreat.
    It was so realistic too... I vaguely remember there being another person as well but they were not clear.