Thursday, July 25, 2013


Resilience: a precious, often hidden gift!

...all within you that is able to rise again 
after a time of angst.

...your rising power
your potential to blossom,
to spring forth revitalized
after a season that felt like death!

...a restoration of energy and joy
after long periods of bitterness, 
withering and drought.

...a bouncing back power  
recovery, renewal, resurrection
a return from desolation

Resilience is the word I chose to pray with and reflect on during the month of JULY.  It is such a rich word.  All of us experience the piercing sword of separation that comes from death.  There are many kinds of death.  It may be the actual physical death of a beloved.   Or, it may be the death of dreams, the loss of health, the ending of a dear relationship or perhaps your fading youth.  Whatever the severing may be, it is an experience of death.  Something has ended.  Can there be a rebirth of life?  Do we want to find our way to new life?

When these things happen it may feel as though nothing is left but a withered spirit of what once was bright and beautiful.  Hope seems to have lost her wings and you are left with a broken heart.   At times such as these try to become silent, look into your heart.  After many heart-viewings you may eventually find resilience waiting to be discovered.  For further reflection, pray with the image below.  

A tree behind our House of Discernment was struck by lightening.  The debris and remnants of the tree were cleaned up and used for firewood and mulch.  After a few months a seedling appeared, a new shoot sprang up.  It is still growing!  A lovely quote from the book of Job came to me.  I offer you this image and scripture text for your own prayer and reflection.

For a tree there is hope;
if it is cut down, it will sprout again,
its tender shoots will not cease.
Even though its roots grow old in the earth
and its stump die in the dust,
Yet at the first whiff of water it sprouts
and puts forth branches like a young plant.

Job 14: 7-9