Sunday, August 9, 2009

Craving Hope

About a year ago one of my author friends (Joni Woelfel) sent me her new book, Craving Hope. I paged through it and realized the book was a spiritual companion for one's weight loss journey. Since I don't really need to lose weight I put the book aside, thinking I would return to it later, do a little browsing and then donate the book to my community library. About a week ago the book found me again. [books are like that--they have a mind and soul of their own]. This time as I began reading pieces of the book it occurred to me that although I don't need to lose weight in the sense of taking off pounds, there is a heaviness in my life that I need to pray about. And I am using Craving Hope as a meditative study about the things in my life that are weighing me down. There is the weight of resentment, the weight of impatience, the weight of my undisciplined life. There is the weight of anxiety, the weight of discouragement, the weight of intolerance. Oh my! There is no doubt that I need this meditative book on weight loss.
Craving Hope:
A Spiritual Companion on Your Weight Loss Journey
Joni Woelfell--Acta Press


  1. Macrina, thank you for these amazing, diverse thoughts about spiritual weight loss, I am honored that you mentioned my book and have included a photo of the cover by our dear friend, Sr. Mary Southard! Heartfelt congratulations on your beautiful, expressive, inspiring blog, I'll be visiting often---just as I've always read and loved your website journal and books. Thank you for the gift of this blog, what a joy for us all to be companions with you in this way, blessings on the journey, love and congratulations, Joni

  2. Well Joni, we authors need to help each other out. God knows these are difficult times for authors. Enjoy.