Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Anoint You With Joy

We have been explicitly asked to perform our Lenten observances with  joy and so I would like to introduce you to Stella with hopes that you will be anointed by that joyful look on her face.  Stella lives at Crystal Bridges in Arkansas and can be found outside the museum on the art path.  I trust you will make plans to visit her soon.   I'm very much aware that she doesn't look as though she has been fasting during Lent.  Actually she portrays the metaphor of abundance, and that is what I wish for you during this holy season.  About mid-way through Lent I always find myself longing for a double portion of discipline to enhance my original desire to deepen my spiritual life...and so I would like to anoint you with spiritual gifts for our continued journey through this holy season.

I anoint you with an abundance of joy, faith and love.  I anoint you with courage, vision and hope.   I anoint you with compassion, trust and gentleness.

I anoint you with rocks and stones, blossoms of growth, sunsets and sunrises, the air and the wind, rivers and mountains, the morning, the evening and all of the hours of the day.  I anoint you with creation and of course with the Creator and the Spirit of Jesus.  I anoint you with Christ.  
Mt. Nebo Arkansas


Mt Harbor Resort Arkansas 

Port Phillips Bay near Melbourne Australia

Continue your Lenten Exercises
with an abundance of joy.