Monday, August 17, 2009

Blueberry Pancakes

Away for some writing time! I had a serendipitous and mystical drive to my hideaway through meadows of fog. It seemed as though the Holy Spirit was revealing to me that I was being guided. A friend who lives near Mt. Ida had suggested I stop at Mt. Harbor Resort for blueberry pancakes that were out of this world. She and her husband were waiting for me. I wasn’t prepared for the sight of these pancakes even though Deb had done well in singing their praises. When they arrived on our table splashed full of blueberry jewels my first thought was, “Oh I should run to the car and fetch my camera.” And my second thought was, “No, don’t try to capture them; just enjoy.” I enjoyed half of them and decided to take the left-over’s with me to my writing retreat so was able to photograph half of them after all. I had brought along Diane Lockward’s poem, Blueberry, to share with D & R. after we had feasted on the B.B. Pancakes and as I read the poem it felt like a moment of MAKING MEMORIES. I will never again pass Mt. Harbor without remembering this mystical, magical moment—the three of us sharing our hearts out, eating blueberry pancakes and reading poetry. And that is just what Diane was doing in her poem. She was writing about a memory of her and her mother in their quilted robes, hair in curlers, in the kitchen (long ago) “ plates stacked with pancakes, blueberries sparkling like gemstones, blue stars in a gold sky, the universe in reverse—the two of them eating blueberry pancakes.” What memory would you like to write about? Or, perhaps you would just like to make a new memory.

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  1. Wow, those pancakes do look delicious! Thanks for sharing Diane's blog too. I need to check that out.........

  2. My most treasured moment in life was when I first turned my attention "inside" and felt the movement of some Power that seemed to lift me in and up. My entire life as I knew it changed in that moment. From then on I have sought to rest in That Place and to see life through that focus.Frances

  3. Hi Macrina--Thanks so much for mentioning my poem. I hope it inspires some lovely poems of your own. I plan to read that poem tomorrow night at a reading. BTW, my last name is spelled LockwARd.
    Everyone gets it wrong.

  4. Diane...It is all corrected I hope; and just think what folks do with my last name:
    Wiederkehr -- May poems fall from the trees for you.

  5. Ok, I confess, I sometimes pronounce your last name "windy cracker"!