Friday, May 16, 2014

E is for...

E is for ENTHUSIASM!  That is the word I chose as my theme for the month of May.  E is also for EARTH and that is the hermitage I stayed in for four days after leading a retreat near Philadelphia.  Settling into my hermitage and into the solitude I had so longed for I was pleased to discover that I was in Hermitage E. E is also for eager, energy, ear, eye, ecstasy, express, elusive, enfold, enter, ethereal, and evening: all words I decided I would include, in some way, in my prayer.

E is for ENTHUSIASM.  In my first prayer period I focused on the fact that enthusiasm means literally to be possessed by God.  God-possession!  To be zealous and inspired!  To have passion for life!  To be exuberant!   Animated!   Alive and Breathing! Moving with the life inside me!  In the gospel of John, chapter 10, verse 2 Jesus proclaims: "I have come that you may have life and have it in abundance."   Abundant Life, another lovely definition of enthusiasm.

Of course we don't always experience that flowing energy within.  We don't necessarily wake up feeling enthusiastic and passionate about the new day.   I wonder if our days might be different if upon rising we would sit down for a few moments, lay a hand on the heart, honoring the God who lives within. Spend a little time owning the Abundant Life given to us by the Source of all life.  Each of us is able to decide who we are going to be in any given day.

E is for ENTHUSIASM!  Somewhere inside you is a joy that is wanting to get out.  Introduce it to the world. Let it show!

      O Source of All Life,  Is my abundant life that has come from you truly showing?  Is it obvious to those with whom I live and work?  Am I allowing it to be the radiant song of joy that you want to sing through me?  Am I able to remember that every time I breathe, it is you I am breathing into our world?  Does anyone suspect, when they see my enthusiasm for life, that it is because of You I exude this life?  And if my answer to these questions is, "probably not," help me remember, there is always tomorrow.  My life goes on into the eternal flow of You.