Sunday, July 31, 2011

Make a Wish

I just celebrated my birthday on July 28. For a long time now it has been my custom to make the 28th of every month a little birthday; when possible the 28th is my day apart--a day of prayer. And so, even my real birthday in July became a day of retreat. After Morning Praise, Eucharist and Breakfast with my community I bowed out for the day and reflected on how I need to be born again. I lit my birthday candle and made a wish. In fact I made lots of wishes. I make my wishes when I light the candle instead of when I blow it out. Throughout the day when I became aware of the burning candle I made another wish. Below is a list of a few of the wishes that I made. The first few wishes are for the whole world; the others are for me. Perhaps you also would like to make a list of birthday wishes. You don't have to wait for your birthday to make a wish.

  1. I wish that racism and all forms of prejudice were a thing of the past.

  2. I wish each of us would make an effort to see the hidden goodness in all people.

  3. I wish we would truly believe that our world doesn't have to be so violent and make little changes in our personal lives to become people of peace.

  4. I wish we could eradicate greed from the face of this earth--of course, I have to begin with myself.

  5. I wish we would be very careful about judging others, remembering that we are a temple of God and not a courthouse.

  6. I wish everyone would see the movie, My name is Khan.

  7. I wish I could let go of my expectations of others [especially as to how they ought to perform] and search for ways to affirm them.

  8. I wish I was a bit more adept at surrendering my opinions.

  9. I wish I would let nothing (not even 2011 summers) prevent me from spending a little time outdoors in the heart of nature each day.

  10. I wish I would laugh more.

  11. I wish it would rain.

  12. And I wish I could be a rain of grace for those I live with and beyond...

  13. I wish I could be utterly authentic. (that has always been one of my deep wishes)

  14. I wish I had an overdose of poverty of spirit. (another of my deep wishes)
Wishes, in themselves, seem a bit empty. We have to put flesh on the wish through some kind of action. On the other hand, a wish is a seed of potential that I can water with intense desire. I can breathe on it each day and bring it to life. I can pray that the wish become so deeply rooted in me that it becomes a reality. I can call on the child in me and practice making my wishes come true

Finally I wish I could be a bridge

over the troubled waters of people's lives.

"People are lonely

because they build walls

instead of bridges."

Write a letter to one of your bridges,

don't send an e-mail~~write a Letter!

I really wish you would!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Needmore? Needless?

I can hardly believe it has been a month since I wrote on this blog. What do I need to be more faithful? Do I need more time? Do I need more inspiration? Do I need more commitment? Do I need more prayer or silence? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Or, maybe it is something I need less of. Do I need less clutter? Do I need less obssessing? Do I need less taking myself so seriously. Do I need less ADHD? I don't really have the answers to these questions, but a few months ago I had an experience that has drawn me into doing Lectio Divina with roadsigns. I continue to be amazed at how much food for thought shows up right on the path of our daily journys. The -- 'needmore' -- 'needless' -- theme emerged in my life one day when I was packing to go away for a week of writing. As I carried all my loot out to the car I suddenly stopped and began praying with the ordeal--and indeed, it had become an ordeal. I drove away from the monastery a bit frustrated with myself. I was definitely taking too much stuff with me.
Mulling over all this as I drove South on Highway 71 (somewhere between Waldron and Y City) a road-sign caught my attention: Needmore! Automatic laughter rose up in me as I said to God, "I don't needmore! I needless!" I added to my prayer, "O God, help me to want less." Needmore! Needless! Wantmore! Wantless! Definitely material for Lectio. I've been praying about this ever since I saw that roadsign.

Needmore is not a city, a villiage or even a town. It is too small for that yet sometimes small things speak to us. That little place along the way called Needmore has spoken to me. I am sure it has a history. It has become a symbol for my prayer.

A quote from a greeting card I received many years ago still lingers in my storehouse of treasures. I offer it to you for reflection as we all consider whether we need more or less. Perhaps that would be a good journal exercise. Make two columns:

1. Needmore ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2. Needless

If you aren't happy with what you have, how could you be happier with more.

--Grandma Ros

Find yourself a Lectio Roadsign and tell us about it!