Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September's 1st Gift

A new month is a bit like a hidden treasure trove. I don’t know what it holds; it is still mystery. I love beginnings: new years, new months, new weeks, new days—even new moments when I can live slow enough to notice them. Actually it is the vigil of September. It is still August 31. This is my prayer of anticipating September. I am remembering that I hold the key to unlocking September’s potential. I spend a little time dreaming of the untold stories, the new people I will meet in this month, the pieces of wisdom I will acquire, the insights that will well up from my depths, the kindnesses I will both give and receive, the prayers that will fill up this month. And yes, even the sorrows of this month. They are all waiting in the mysterious treasure chest of a month that is on the horizon. It will be a month full of possibilities and I want to be in it with all my heart. Will I be open? Will I be receptive to all that can be?

September, I welcome you. As I step into your pages I am asking for three gifts. The first gift is this: Help me remember to pause. I know now that it is not enough to write a book about Seven Sacred Pauses. Remembering to pause is a spiritual practice.

Help me remember to pause.


  1. Macrina, what shining thoughts to fall asleep with, thank you for inviting us all to seek the treasure with you, so beautifully expressed. Love the cat!

  2. Macrina,
    Thank you for the thoughts AND your heart in your words. Today is the 16th anniversary of my sister Gina's death and I am reflective, thankful, and yet still taking moments to grieve the loss of her in my earthly life. I miss her terribly at times. Today I will tell her that.
    And I welcome too, the joys and sorrows of this month. Thank you.

  3. HW, I think it is so dear that you should still miss Gina so much after 16 years. I have always felt that one doesn't need to get over grief...just to channel it in such a way that it doesn't eat up your life or totally control you. So may your sweet ache continue.