Friday, September 25, 2009

Fresh Bread from the Oven of my Heart

And in this frigid hour when the earth has the odor of dust and is so sad I wish I could beat on all the doors and beg pardon from someone and make bits of fresh bread for you HERE
in the oven of my heart.
-Caesar Vallejo


  1. So appropriate for my week and where my heart is. Thank you so much for speaking words for my soul.

  2. i stared a new blog ...keeping the old but this is different

  3. Did you really bake that bread? I recognize the tablecloth so I know that's your kitchen.
    Hmmm. I like the oven of the heart. Nice!

  4. Those are Rachel's hands... The bread was a gift from Panera...We are bosom budies now, Panera and I...LOL. So truly we were breaking bread (without wine)

  5. I enjoyed your blog and the bread looks wonderful.