Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Blossoming Darkness of Faith

Open your heart to the blossoming darkness

Embrace the unknowns.

Say goodbye to the heart's drought

but not to the heart's struggle.

Offer compassion

to all that is incomplete in your life.

I'll meet you in community

in the heart and soul of the holy struggle

and the blossoming darkness.

The Merciful One has opened

the beautiful door of night;

We have accepted the invitation.

The soft petals of night receive us

and heaven listens to us

offering our "yes" to the sacred struggle

of spiritual growth and friendship.

So much is up to us.

Can we take the risk of stepping into

the gracious space of the unknown?

Let us hold hands with our doubts

and stand in the bright darkness of faith

_Macrina Wiederkehr


  1. Bright darkness.....I love it! And somehow, I really know what it is, but can't quite explain it. That's why the title of my blog is that quote from Mary Oliver: " Whatever else my life is, it is also this dazzling darkness." And I have lived the truth that in God, even the darkness is light.

  2. A wonderful reminder[to me] that community and friendship can have their darker moments requiring our faith in each other, compassion and an open heart!