Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tracking the Mystery

Have I actually been away from this blog for two months! 
 My apologies for staying away so long. 
 I've been tracking the Mystery. 
 Many things have happened while I was away. 
 A ten day silent retreat in Colorado.
A month of re-wilding myself--spending 30 minutes outside each day.
The adventure of trying to live mindfully!

But now I'm sort of back.  Actually I am in transition and this blog will eventually be part of my website which is under construction.  If I had time to fetch an orange barrel to keep in line with all the highway construction going on these days, I would do so but for the moment I will leave that to your imagination.

Getting ready for my Heart of the Hunter retreat 
which is sometimes called Tracking the Mystery.

We are all trackers. We are all hunters!  And the crucial hunt in life is not the hunt for BIG GAME but the hunt for meaning and purpose, for fullness of life, for God.   The tool we have been given to serve us on this life-long hunt is the heart.  During this retreat we will explore the power of the heart and delve into the truth that we are both the hunters and the hunted, for the HOUND OF HEAVEN is tracking us with the most powerful heart of all.   And so, in this hunting season I am remembering the forest again and I  am reminded of how hunters find clearings in the forest where they set up food-traps for their prey. 

On my hunting-retreat I, too, will set up food traps for you.  It will be a holy trick to lure you into the astounding beauty of your own heart’s forest where you might find a little clearing to sit down and wait and perhaps be found by God.  And who knows but you, too, might die because all forms of surrender include a kind of dying. 

Whether you are attending this retreat or not I suggest you prepare yourself for the Hunt.   Find a path in the forest of your life.   Follow the path.  

Find the clearing.  Sit down and wait.  Eat what is provided for you which is nothing more or less than beauty and terror. Allow yourself to be found by God.   There is always a sacred place--a little clearing made ready for you; a place where the light will fall on you if only you arrive, and pause for awhile waiting for transformation.

To be hunted by God is not to die but to fall in love.  
The spears of God’s love slice through your being
 and you are both wounded and healed. — Macrina


  1. Terrified just thinking about it.

  2. And why would you be terrified at such astonishing possibilities? But then, I did say beauty and terror, didn't I? There is such a fine line between beauty and terror I thought one day as I was standing outside in a clearing watching the lightening streaks.

  3. Sounds very tempting and wonderful...where are you offering the retreat?

  4. The retreat is at our Center (St. Scholastica) in Fort Smith, Arkansas. See our
    It is Nov 15-17 (Begins with registration at 6:30 and close Sunday with lunch.

  5. Do you offer longer retreats in the summer? Traveling from NY, I would love to stay awhile. For now, I will "surrender." So happy to have found this site. Thank you.