Tuesday, October 22, 2013

O Source of all Life, a prayer

O Source of all Life,

as once you looked with compassion
on the weary crowds
who seemed lost and without a shepherd, 
look again upon your people
so desperately in need of renewal. 
Send your spirit to  blow over our dead bones
resurrect in us a surprising new life. 
Blow away negative thoughts,
replace them with hopeful dreams. 
Blow away critical thoughts;
replace them with affirming words.  
Blow away busyness;
replace it with a desire
to take more time
for building a rich interior life.
 Blow away anxiety;
replace it with trust.  
Blow away indifference;
replace it with love.  

O Breath of God,
 transform our unconscious way of living
into a vibrant, enlivening way
of being in this world.

©Macrina Wiederkehr, OSB


  1. Thank you ... just what I needed today ...

  2. Loving your posts... cannot comment yet ... sans approval...

  3. Thank you for this. So many beautiful phrases to ponder ...

  4. I like your idea from previous months to reflect on a word for a month. This prayer speaks to me of so many possibilities for growth with Christ's compassion.The entire prayer seems a good one to pray each day. I also feel inspired to reflect on the word, "transform" for November. Thank you. Your writing here and your book, "Abide" truly have been gifts that help me along my path.