Thursday, October 10, 2013

The gift of a word

For those of you who have been 
keeping up with my WORD FOR A MONTH prayer 
you may think I forgot all about my monthly word.  
Actually I didn't, although it is true
that I have failed to post some of them.  
So how about a little review.
  1. January: the word was VESSEL, with emphasis on allowing myself to be poured out for others.
  2. February: SIMPLICITY, reminding myself of how clutter oppresses me.  It was an attempt to keep my mind, my heart and my space uncluttered.
  3. March: During this month I tired to be grateful and present to the wonder of my HANDS.
  4. April: During this month I reflected deeply on the importance of GRIEF in our lives.
  5. May: This was the month when I put forth much effort be present and live in the PRESENCE.
  6. June:  RESILIENCE, After weathering the storms of the seasons I became aware of how much springing-back power nature has and I wished the same for myself.
  7. July: The word, RESILIENCE, didn't want to leave me so I allowed it to stay for the month of July.
  8. August, SILENCE entered into my life during this month.  I encouraged it with much enthusiasm.
  9. September:  WILD, UNTAMED visited me during September.  I tried to get in touch with those undomesticated parts of my life, my original self.
  10. October: As I write this,  leaves are beginning to fall.  I chose the word,  SURRENDER, asking my whole self to let go of what is no longer needed.
  11. November will be MINDFULNESS.
  12. December, PEACE.
I found it so helpful for my prayer to focus on a word each month for 2013 that I decided to use this idea for my annual 2014 calendar.  Below you will see a composite of the photos I've used for my calendar this year.  Each month I give you a word to pray.  Your word is splashed across the picture for the month and a prayer poem describing the process can be found on the last page of the calendar.  If you would like a calendar check our website or gift-shop.  It should be advertised soon.

Think of  a journal that is empty.  The pages are waiting for your words.  Each year is somewhat like that.  The hours, days, weeks, months await your words, your dreams, your actions.  The 2014 year of prayer calendar is offering you 12 words for your pilgrimage through the year.

Write on your heart 
that every day is the best day of the year!
~~Ralph Waldo Emerson~~


  1. I .love this marvelous idea. To have a focus for prayer for an entire month must be a powerful thing. Thanks so much for sharing this.