Monday, August 9, 2010

What Light Can Do

The poet, Lucy Shaw, offers us a little gospel when she says: "Light can make even dirt blossom." I will hang on to her piece of truth as I embrace both the light and darkness of today.

I went outside chasing the light this morning and it was just the medicine I needed to bring me back to my writer's altar. Having been FOUND BY LIGHT I am now making a choice to have a good day. All day, even in my writer-block moments I will try to remember the light, suggesting that if you should get stuck in any sort of negativity today you might consider going out and standing in the light.

I am not the only creature who was found by light today. Pray with the sacramentality of the image below and rejoice in everything and everyone that will be FOUND BY LIGHT today.


  1. Macrina of the Light,

    Thanks for your post.

    I love the fact that when we are aware of being of the Light and in the Light our shadow is at bay. Or better yet, there is no shadow.

    We just make up stuff in our head with our thoughts and then react to them with others and we call it our shadow. It is how I get myself in trouble -- reacting to my thoughts and what I think others are saying or 'doing' to me. The reactionary part of me I call my shadow.

    As someone told me once in an Australian accent -- "When you are dealing with your shadow 'just turn around to the Light' and there is no shadow." (I say become consciously aware of the Light.)

    Until I get those ideas down pat and live from that place most of the time I will keep loving my personality part into Beingness when my shadow shows up.

    We must take ourselves Lightly!!!!!!!!

  2. The light gives encouragement to the shadow reflection as if hinting that looking at your shadow brings you to wholeness...Beautiful symphony of shapes to the rhythm of the vertical grasses...purple grace notes...