Thursday, August 12, 2010

Each road has a voice

The Road
Here is the road: the light
comes and goes then returns
Be gentle with your fellow travelers
as they move through
the world of stone and stars
whirling with you
yet everyone alone.
The road waits
Do not ask questions
but when it invites you
to dance at daybreak
say YES.
Each step is a journey;
a single note the song.
--Arlene Gay Levine
taken from Bless the Day
ed. by June Cotner

I don't know what your road looks like these days but never pass up an invitation to dance at dawn. Don't worry about what your neighbors think. If they are lucky enough to see you, they may even smile. Dawn is difficult for some people; that I know! But if you can give up a bit of your uncertainty about morning, maybe even the untruth that you don't like morning you may be in for a great awakening. And even if you don't like morning, think about the road. Each road has a voice and it's waiting for you.

1 comment:

  1. i wear a necklace with a charm saying 'God bless the broken road'. indeed, EVERY road has a voice - even a broken road...
    thank you for this :)