Saturday, August 28, 2010

Finding Treasures in Old Journals

I am reading my old journals: smiling, weeping, pondering, wondering--tearing them up and throwing them away, saving certain pieces. After all, when you are a writer who lives in community you must be careful. No one lives forever; I could die and some fool might come along and try to publish my journals. I guess I like to be in charge. This morning I came across a quote I had written in my journal from one of my shining lights who died a few years ago, Sister Jose Hobday. This quote is worth sharing. I'm kind of glad she didn't tear it up and throw it away: Here is what she says:

Today only one thing must be accomplished.
I must move through the hours with more quality
and meet people with more love
and diminish my own personal selfishness...
when I go to bed tonite let there be
more light in this world because
I have walked the earth
Let there be more people aware that they are
gift and blessing and goodness.
Let me understand that all there is to life
is what I'm really living with quality.
the rest passes me by unnoticed.
--Sister Jose Hobday
Amen to that dear sister who is now
helping to light up the heavens
with your own vibrant life!


  1. Macrina,

    That's as lovely a Rule of Life as ever I've read! Thank you! :-)


  2. Oh how I strive to live that way!! Thanks for your writing Macrina they touch my soul!!

  3. Ahhhhh, Macrina, so lovely to see the quote by Jose, OSF...she certainly was inspiration for many even living with her own life struggles. I remain grateful for my encounters with her as creative spirit and "sister" of my congregation. Her final days fully embraced those words!

  4. What a lovely and inspiring passage! So worth saving...I have saved away another quote by her...I don't know where I got it, but it's from the book "Simple Living: the Path to Joy and Freedom". I liked what she said about the Native American practice of the giveaway. All this time, I thought with a name of Jose, that the writer was male...