Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Outside My Window

There’s a poem outside my window
that refuses to be written down.
Having no need to be published,
It desires rather to be taken in,
Utterly received, tenderly integrated,
lovingly included in my life.

It summons me
to behold it in silence,
cradle its healing graces,
enjoy its magical aura,
keep it secret
except for those
who notice it on their own.

It does not wish
to be proclaimed, named or analyzed.
It desires rather to be slowly revealed,
honored and absorbed.
As it shyly releases its energy
it wants to enchant me, entrance me,
drawing me into the miracle
of being in the quiet
mystery of its company.

Look out your window!
There’s a poem waiting for you too.

—Macrina Wiederkehr
Be in communion with whatever you behold
outside your window today. Allow it to bless you.


  1. Beautiful. Reminds me of all those scientists who like to take things apart to see how they work. I suppose someone has to, but I prefer to look at the poem outside my window.

  2. Tess, I hope you find a wonderful poem outside your window. As for me, there is a wintered Choke Berry Tree flaunting a leftover bird nest, The empty nest is beautiful in its own right. It is a memorial of its feathered inhabitants who long ago flew away, perhaps soon to build new nests. Because it was given to me this day I honor it. Everything matters.

    And Diane, thanks for your supportive words. I tried to post your comment but it, too, flew away with the birds. The words remain in my heart. Everything matters.

  3. Macrina, Thanks for the reminder, but to be honest, it's been pretty hard to miss the poetry up here. In fact, it's been a SYMPHONY!! Day after day of beauty both small and great. I have only a small obstacle. I often try to CAPTURE it somehow, hang on to it rather than let it be fleeting, impermanent, and infinitely valuable.