Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

Although we are already 5 days into the new year this seems to be a perfect time to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Not too late; not too early! The year is new enough that we still forget, at times, to write 2010 instead of 2009 --- but not so new that we haven’t already stumbled over a few of our resolutions--------which brings me around to the theme of this blog entry: I don’t do Resolutions anymore. I have Wishes. Resolutions I can break; Wishes I just keep on having. It is as though they are renewed and not broken. I am listing here some of my wishes for the new year. You may have a few of your own that you would like to share with us.

  • I wish I could be faithful to a daily discipline of writing.
  • I wish I could surrender all actions that give grief to others.
  • I wish to replace all my judgments of others with love.
  • I wish to wear compassion as a favorite robe.
  • I wish to be a person of peace.
  • I wish to be free even from violent thoughts.
  • I wish to live joyfully surrendered to the moment.
  • I wish I could read just one book at a time.
  • I wish the Word of God would utterly take root in me.
  • I wish I would look like another Christ.
  • I wish I could see as God sees.I wish to be pure gratitude.
  • Like Alice in Wonderland I wish to believe six impossible things before breakfast.

I can’t exactly break these wishes but each time I disappoint myself I can look on them with love and breathe on them again for I happen to believe Spirit is in my breath. Resolutions or wishes? Ok, I realize they are essentially the same. I’m just using different language. Remember, I love changes. HAPPY NEW YEAR


  1. Oh, thank you for these wishes, everyone of them, except possibly 'looking like another Christ.' But then it may be because I have yet believed six impossible things before breakfast...
    It is as if I had been able to sort out all the wishes free-floating in my heart and mind.
    Thank you.

  2. Macrina, Your New Year tradition is a delight! SO MUCH more fun than resolutions. : / I only made one: to take my vitamins every day. Harder than you might think for reasons that I won't go into here. I can't wait to spend more time thinking about what my wishes might be for this coming year and to pay attention when the phrase "I wish....." floats into my head. I couldn't certainly claim most of yours as my wishes as well. You use many different words for this one thing but, "I wish that I could be completely loving for one whole day." At least, that's where I would like to start.


  3. Beautiful wishes, and no I don't think it is just different language. A resolution once broken is broken, but with a wish you can pick yourself up and stagger or dance onwards (depending on the day!). Wishes allow two steps forward and one back but it is a forward motion.

    I smiled especially at "I wish I could read just one book at a time". On yes.

  4. Vicki Limberg-BuerkettJanuary 11, 2010 at 6:22 PM

    You have a way of expressing many of the wishes I hold in my heart..not only for the New Year but each new day and each new hour. One of my wishes... I wish I could see God's light in myself and each person I meet without having to squint.
    Your insight and wisdom.....priceless.