Monday, January 18, 2010

Everything Matters

"The tasks that have been entrusted to us

are often difficult.

Almost everything that matters is difficult,

and Everythng Matters."

--taken from A YEAR WITH RILKE

Rilke is feeding me these days. I keep looking around at everythng in my life that matters. And, yes, I want to be right in the heart of all that matters. Everything Matters!
  • Winter and Spring kissing each other

  • Old sycamore tree leaves acting as mulch for the frozen crocuses

  • the moment before forgiveness

  • and the moment after

  • the clumsey way we try to love each other

  • the joy we thought we didn't have, then stumbled over

  • courage digging its way out of fear

  • the jeweled tear rolling down a cheek

  • frozen hearts learning to thaw

  • the flight of the bird in the winter storm

  • the people in Haiti

  • that moment when something goes wide in our hearts

  • the clock ticking minutes into eternity

  • the rabbit caught in a trap

  • the sleepless nights

  • the immense hunger for a kind word

  • the lies told out of fear

  • the fly caught in the spider web

  • a poet' s heart growing wings
  • an elderly woman pushing her wheel chair down the hall

  • every act of love performed for those suffering

  • the glimmer of light after a long darkness

Everything matters and in my own beautifully human yet often inept way, I want to be there in the mattering...even if my presence isn't a perfect presence. I want to practice being there. I want to practice seeing with a lucidity that enhances my gentle spirit. And YOU, whoever you are reading this, take these words into your dear soul; and in the deepest recesses of your being rejoice because YOU MATTER.


  1. Thank you. I needed to hear your affirmation that each of us matters this morning. Rilke does have a way of teaching us things.

  2. Thanks for your words! I hold them to my heart.

  3. Hi Macrina, I am wondering how many times the phrase"it doesn't matter" pops out of my mouth. If everything "matters", I guess that would mean that there is value in everything and every situation. But, even when they all matter, some things must be "let go" for I cannot stay present to all of them.

    I love Rilke to, but only have...what is it....Love Poems to God?


  4. Thinking of you today (Sunday).
    It is good to read this truth from your post a few days back!
    Being matters! Not just "doing". I need to be always reminded!

  5. I love how beautifully the Beloved is revealed to me through you and your writing.