Wednesday, January 15, 2014

O Lamp of God Gone Out

No matter how much we cry out to God, "Be thou my vision..." there are times when it will seem as though our lamp has gone out.  Any kind of vision that we hoped would light our way has fled and we are left with a troubled heart.

Even in these moments we can find a voice for prayer.  Even if it is a sad and lonely prayer, let us dare to let God hear our voice.

O Lamp of God Gone Out  ~   Where art thou?

Once there was a sweet innocence that lived in the garden of my heart and you 
were my Epiphany Star; you were my clarity, amazing gift of my life.   Your  presence was obvious in the pages of each day.  Reflecting on our original relationship I perceive that it was vibrant and alive with possibilities and meaning.   I remember  how you  helped me claim my authentic spirit.  From childhood days I had such a longing for authenticity  and you were my coach, my star, my gate, my lean-to.

Give me back the sweet innocence of childhood along with the gifted wisdom of my maturing years.  I am firm in my resolution that you are still the Lamp of my Life and I boldly ask you to shine through the stark and seeming barren branches of my life--all the way through to the Epiphany Star that is still shining  in the core of my being.

                                                                                                                                                                                                     Amen from Macrina


  1. I love the juxtaposition of the "sweet innocence of childhood" with the "gifted wisdom" of our maturing years. Thank you for this.
    I have been thinking about a word for this year. Perhaps "presence" will remind me to be and to look for God's loving presence in all creation -- and also -- to slow down and to be fully present to others.

  2. I love this post Macrina. It is so how I feel these days. I have just posted a journal of my Camino walk and I too have written of a lost innocence of belief. To then find your post was so special. How I believe today is the opposite of becoming an atheist, rather it is the experience of the un-nameable .. the in-explicable ... hard to explain . Thank you.