Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy Feast of Epiphany

 And suddenly the star they had seen rising    went forward and halted 
over the place where the child was.
The sight of the star filled them with delight.
Matthew 2:9-10

How often the sight of a star fills us with delight.  It is awesome to stand outside and behold a star-studded night.  The stars, it seems, have always called us to greatness.  They stir up  within us a sense of mystery.  Poets write and sing about the stars.  Artists paint them

We are told to follow our star.  And yet, for all our romanticizing about the stars, if the truth be known, they sometimes lead us to places we would rather not go.  A star marks our path with light and guides us to deeper insight.  With that deeper kind of seeing comes new responsibilities.  It is not always easy to follow a star.

Long ago three who have been called wise journeyed to the small, insignificant town of Bethlehem.  They followed a star that led them to the powerlessness of God lying in a manger.  It was the last place on earth one would expect to find the Creator of the stars, yet that is where those beams did shine.  We call such a moment an Epiphany.  An Epiphany is a manifestation of the Divine Presence right in the midst of daily life.

Those who have tried to follow the Creator of the stars often find themselves in the midst of an Epiphany. They are called to follow stars that seem beyond their reach.  ...   And what about you?  What is your current Epiphany?  Where is your sky all shining with stars?  And which stars are calling you?

Creator of the Stars~~God of Epiphanies
You are the Great Star
You have marked my path with light
You have filled my sky with stars
naming each star and guiding it
until it shines into my heart
awakening me to deeper seeing
new revelations 
and brighter epiphanies.

O Infinite Star Giver
I now ask for wisdom and courage
to follow these stars
for their names are many
and my heart is fearful.

They shine on me wherever I go:
The Star of Hope
The Star of Mercy and Compassion
The Star of Justice and Peace
The Star of Tenderness and Love
The Star of Suffering
The Star of Joy
And every time I feel the shine
I am called
to follow it
to sing it
to live it
all the way to cross
and beyond

O Creator of the Stars
You have become within me
an unending Epiphany.

--Macrina Wiederkehr

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  1. These thoughts were so needful this day. How I thank you for your gentle reminders. How I thank our God for gifting you so and for leading me to your ministry of words.