Sunday, February 3, 2013


My Word for February is SIMPLICITY

It speaks to me about the grace of slowing down long enough to discern "what's enough".  My altar above depicts my efforts to simplify.  It offers me sacred space that helps me remember to breathe.  It invites me to see beauty in stillness and non-action. I am a person who love rituals, icons, symbols, etc and so it often happens that my sacred space becomes too cluttered. When my personal altar becomes cluttered with too many treasures it becomes difficult to see the one true treasure.

My altar holds the single image of a praying woman.  You will notice she doesn't have a lot of prayer books around her.  No props or paraphernalia .  She is just BEING THERE.  Perhaps later a candle will arrive but it will be small.  Nothing flashy or overpowering!    My intention is to have just one treasure on my altar this month--something that speaks of the simplicity of BEING.  The treasure here is obvious.  It is presence.  It is prayer.  It is attentiveness.  It is silence and simplicity.

My question for this month:  Is there anything I can take out of my life so that I may be able to more truly see who I really am?


  1. A tonic for me right now, Macrina. Thank you!

  2. Simplicity is the answer to everything in my life-thanks.

  3. Just read the following excerpt today from your book, The Song of the Seed
    "Take nothing on your journey. You are the bread...Go simply, then, dancing the gift of yourself into my Word. Take nothing on your journey. You are enough!"


  4. So beautiful. I am walking walking walking.. preparing for walking The Camino in Spain in April, and your words of simplicity are exactly right for me. I love the words above too. Thank you.