Saturday, February 9, 2013

To be a star

Do you ever wake up feeling lost, sort of dejected and forlorn--wondering how you landed in this world? That was my awakening experience about two weeks ago.  In my disgruntled state I poured a cup of coffee, opened the door to the great outdoors and gasped.  When I first beheld this scene I did not see the star.  I saw the tree holding the sunrise and it was like medicine for me.  I forgot my dejection.  I even sat there for a few minutes before getting my camera. Later when I put my photos on my computer, the star became visible and it was like a second dose of medicine.  I remembered a poem from my book, Seasons of Your Heart, and re-read the poem.  Now I offer a selection of  that poem to you because you, too, may have desolate days when being reminded that you have the potential to be a star for someone else in their desolation, just might be helpful for both of you.

I hope a star comes out for you today,
a new one that you've never seen before.
I hope it's bright and bold,
a prophetic star,
piercing your darkness
and helping you to see the things
you really need to see.

I hope it touches you
with fire
and runs along beside you
all  day long.

This star!
Oh, how I hope it comes
in your life!

And when the day is through
I hope this star
keeps shining on in you
For without a doubt
you are
someone who's called 
to be
a star.

-Macrina Wiederkehr
Seasons of Your Heart: prayers and reflections 


  1. Sister Macrina, your poem about the star touched my heart.

    The "star" has been a tremendous guide in my spiritual journey.

  2. Thank you. I have in mind someone who needs a star, and will send this to her (with due credit, of course). Blessings!

  3. Thank YOU.... Awesome Grace~
    You are God's STAR in my life -
    again and again!
    I have seen this star but was blinded,
    but now I SEE, God Bless!!!!