Tuesday, April 5, 2011

..a small miracle!

How wonderful is light! How awesome is sight! The truth of this rests gently in my heart on this vigil of my cataract surgery. Everyone says that this particular surgery is a piece of cake but I like to think of it as a small miracle. I sat at my prayer altar this evening and remembered some of my favorite sights.

What will it be like to see more clearly (without glasses)

  • the way the shadows and the light celebrate the moments

  • the personality of the individual leaves in the community of leaves on the trees

  • those beautiful freckles on so many faces

  • and the dimples, remembering how when I was a child I used to punch my cheeks in, hoping to create some for myself

  • the gathering of storm clouds

  • the illuminating streaks of lightning

  • sunlight streaming throught the branches

  • bright faces of spring flowers

  • and oh, the return of the daisies.

Continuing my prayer I imagine my doctor's hands held in the hands of the Holy One. Using the prayer of St. Gertrude, I pray for my left and right eye:

"I preceived a gentle light

proceeding from Thy divine eyes

and passing through mine,

spreading itself

in every secret part of me,

and seeming to fill

all my members

with a wonderful power

and strength."

--St. Gertrude of Helfta

Tomorrow the daisies will bloom.

And Thursday I will see them clearly!


  1. Blessings to you Macrina, with prayers for speedy recovery from your surgery. Hugs!

  2. Blessings to you Macrina from New Zealand. I have been thinking about light lately. Thinking how the world is actually shades of grey... that colour is the light that bounces off surfaces and caught by my marvellous eyes! It blows my mind thinking about light! ...and my eyes that catch the colours of light!