Monday, April 18, 2011

Reflection after cataract surgery

The daisy has only one eye and it is full of light. Its' flower ancestors have been lifting the light out of the dark earth ages upon ages. The light is ancient and the light keeps coming. We who gaze upon the bright presence of the daisy are also filled with light. The daisy blesses all who behold it. Find a daisy this week. Allow it to bless you.

We have two eyes; they, too, are full of light. Our ancestors have been lifting the light out of age old wombs forever and ever. No one can see that far back into time, still the light keeps coming out of the darkness. It is important for me to believe that the light will continue to come. There is a blessed light and a holy darkness that are age-old friends, kindred spirits. Someday all nations will discover ways to connect the darkness and the light. There are individuals who have already made this discovery. They are using this bright darkness for the healing of the world.

Perhaps God, the Source of Light and Darkness is all 'EYE' and seeing with love is God's religion.

Oh all you daisy spirits,

assist us in being faithful

to the light of our two eyes

as you are faithful

to the light of your one eye


  1. ..and Macrina, you bring so much "light" into our mind and hearts! your posts remind me of past journal entries about the time you spent with a hearing loss. Helen Keller is on my heart for some reason...Blessings to you as you continue to recover. peace, Maddie

  2. I get it! Not feeling like a daisy spirit today but surely by Easter?