Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mystical Morning

How could anyone sleep on a morning like this?
You are beholding one of our retreatants saying,
"Hola" to the new day.
Or, perhaps she is saying NADA!
How much we need such moments!
How much we need such mornings!
Drink in the wondrous inheritance of being!
Sip the nectar of morning!
O dear medicinal morning!
Awaken the mystic in me!
Awaken the poet and the monk!

How could anyone sleep on a morning like this?


  1. Oh i agree.. my summer mornings are so beautiful before the heat of the day.. and as I walk around the lake at sunrise, I feel that'wondrous inheritance of morning'..

  2. Joan, the photo displayed above is an almost-winter morning, and even though winter is my fourth favorite season, it does have its charm.

    Do you know that I am going to be in New Zealand Oct 2011. Check with the Mercies for my schedule. I can hardly believe this is happening as I do not want to become an international traveler/speaker. Just getting to LA is traumatic enough for me.

  3. I like mornings any time of year. Though in recent years, dark winter ones have been difficult, I have come to love them in my cozy wee house, with my journal, my devotional, hot coffee and candlelight... a wondreous -- if wiintery! -- inheritance indeed. :-)