Sunday, January 9, 2011

Deep Stillness Blossoms

I write this on the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus
the last day of the Christmas season.

This "deep stillness" card fell out of an old book I am re-reading. Thus it became part of my Christmas altar. I still "sort of" celebrate Christmas (in my own way) until February 2, which is the Feast of the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (Candlemas Day). I am no longer in touch with Reid, the friend who created this card so long ago. I love it when "old things" show up in my life.

Along with Reid's "deep stillness" design I chose one of my favorite Christmas cards of a modern day Madonna. It, too, is a card from the past sent to me by a long lasting though seldom seen friend, Nicholas. I often save a few cards for my treasure chest. I love finding old memories tucked away in special places. Every Christmas I pull out a few old memories; people from my past return and spend time on my holiday and holy day altar.

This Advent I spent hours dwelling on the quote, "DEEP STILLNESS BLOSSOMS." Perhaps it is because I have such an intense longing for stillness. Actually, with practice, the stillness can be found everywhere and anywhere, even in the midst of a busy mall or a flock of magpies, although that is not my favorite place to practice stillness. The deeper the stillness, the greater the possibility of the blossoming. The blossoms come later--often, after one has almost forgotten the deep stillness. You wake up some morning and you are greeted by a new blossom.

The blossoming seems to be the fruit of the stillness.

The "deep stillness" is a kind of womb we cannot live without.
As we grow further away from our mother's womb
we find new wombs to hold us.
~~new wombs to sustain and nurture us~~
Haunting memories lead us toward a depth we once enjoyed.
Deep Stillness infuses us and the blossoms become visible.
An inquisitive mind, an open heart,
a childlike trust, a yearning for the Divine:
all of these are like fertilizer for the waiting blossoms.
If you are reading this and don't quite understand what I am trying to say, try saying it in your own words and you will fathom the depths of these simple words.


  1. eloquently, simply beautiful...speaks to my heart and soul, Macrina...I need this deep stillness...this blossoming...and I have found new wombs within me and around me..God is the Glorious Impossible...thank you for your marvelous gift...namaste, Kerrie

  2. Ah! The Glorious Impossible! Hey, I like that!

  3. What a perfect way to wind up the Christmas season! Thank-you, Macrina!

  4. Hi Macrina, today is my Day 4 of The Feast of Leisure & I chose to spend my reaping by emailing you to thank you for your wonderful spirit that I met in A Tree Full of Angels which I borrowed from a friend last year. I refused to return it to her as it became my sweet companion through some dark times. My guilt got the better of me and I returned my heart tree to her. She gave me a new copy with a beautiful new cover for my birthday which I will not part with. I have been buying copies from The Abbey NSW and giving them away wherever I see a kindred spirit. I am loving The Song of the Spirit and hope to share with my connect group when we reconvene.
    Are you ever coming to Australia? Thank you so much Macrina

  5. Penny, so glad you are praying with my "song of the seed," and enjoying it. As for whether I am coming to Australia...well, this is strange but yes (I who find it traumatic to travel even to NY or Cal because I don't really like flying) am actually coming your way. It's a long story. On my blog site, if you click on my calendar page to the right it will bring you to my page of our community site and you will be able to find my 2011 schedule.

  6. Words can hardly touch the JOY, GIFT, BLESSING of the Deep Stillness experienced at the directed silent retreat - my first silent directed retreat;at St. Scholastica's. I have done a couple silent days. Your blog Sister was
    utterly the WORDS in my heart! DEEP SILENCE BLOSSOMS!!! Praise and Thank you Lord!!!