Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tiptoeing Around the Truth

This morning I heard myself saying,
“It’s time for me to stop tiptoeing around the truth
in my personal life, in my work relationships and beyond.”

Well, that’s easy to say
but what do I really mean when I speak those words?
And so, my morning meditation
was filled with thoughts about

how to be truthful without being haughty
how to be truthful without sounding self-righteous
how to be truthful without blaming
how to be truthful without false expectations
how to be truthful without being harsh
how to be truthful without being insensitive
how to be truthful with myself

Words from an old song or poem keep moving through my mind:
“And you bring me down with truth
when lies have filled my life.”

Thus as my meditation continued
I decided to begin with an attempt
to stop tiptoeing around the truth
in regard to my personal life.
Oh My! Lord, please don’t speak very loud.

Some wonderful words
from Dom Helder Camara come to my rescue.
After so many years, what joy
to find these words still in the archive of my heart:

"Do not fear the truth
hard as it may appear;
grievously as it may hurt
it is still right
and you were born for it.
If you go out to meet
and love it,
let it exercise your mind,
it is your best friend
and closest sister."

-Dom Helder Camara


  1. I very much like the poem by Dom Helder Camara. Thank you.

    Thank you also about the truth and being truthful. I am struck that 'being truthful' entails being unpleasant (?) to someone.

    Being truthful could also mean being transparent about one's feelings, acknowledging one's vulnerability, one's incompleteness, one's lacks.
    So maybe it is a question of personality: NF vs NT vs SJ...

    What a great post! There is so much in it...

    Wishing you a beautiful truth :-)

  2. We are told that the Truth will set us free.
    Now, how to find that truth. It is scary (even freedom can be scary!), but we are also told that "perfect love casts out fear". So, while seeking our truth, we must remember love.[I'm remembering things I've heard or read from you, Macrina!]
    My truth right now is that I must get ready for a day at work...LOL!
    I was happy to see the photos for the labyrinth clean-up! A beautiful day indeed!

  3. Yeah, we're told the truth will set us free but someone has suggested that at the beginning it might make us miserable. I think we can all move through the misery into something more lasting. I guess you call it GROWTH.