Sunday, April 4, 2010

My Lovely Risen Friends

Happy Easter dear colorful friends…

Here is a little color for your souls. This is what I do with my seldom worn scarves to help them feel fulfilled. I just throw them in a pile on my personal altar and ask them to look beautiful.

There are many who adorn themselves with scarves and look so lovely…but when I try to wear them I end up looking like a May Pole so this seems like a creative and even sacred alternative. As I beheld their splash of color this Easter morning they made me smile and something in me began to feel risen. I go into this day Risen and Lovely, like Jesus, hopefully bringing a little color into the lives of others.

And you, lovely risen friends, go into this world with your splash of color. Tell everyone it’s Easter without using words.


  1. thank you for sharing your color with the world!

  2. Or, as Barbara in Barefoot Toward the Light wrote: Let him easter in us.

    Thank you for your prayers during Lent. Somehow I was sure of them and they made quite a difference.

  3. I love the last sentence - tell everyone it's Easter without using words. That makes me smile.

  4. Dear Macrina,

    Happy Easter! I was full of such joy when I discovered your blog a few weeks ago. I follow you writing and have attended a couple of your retreats. Your work has touched me deeply, and the opportunity to read your words online is a treasure. Thank you for your soul-full posts!

  5. Happy Easter Monday! I love that, go into your world with a splash of color!

  6. In my current blog, I have taken the liberty of printing you wise statement: "Oh most merciful One, teach me to throw a party for the unworthy, knowing that I may be the guest of honor."
    Armiger Jagoe, editor of The Joyful Catholic