Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Mirror of Light


by Rainer Maria Rilke

Any angel is frightening.
Yet, because I know of you,
I invoke you in spite of myself,
you lethal birds of the soul.

Fated to be happy from the beginning of time,
creation’s spoiled immortal darlings,
summits of the cosmic shining at dawn,
pollen from heavenly blossoms, limbs of light,
hallway, stairs, thrones carved from existence
shields of ecstasy, shrines of delight—

and suddenly,
each one, mirror:

where our own evanescent beauty
is gathered
into an enduring countenance.

-taken from a Year With Rilke (HarperOne)

On this Feast of the Annunciation is there anything you would like to enunciate? As for me, I have angels on my mind. Having read Rilke’s luminous poem I see mirrors everywhere and sense the lovely truth that each of us is a reflection of Divine Light. We, too, can be messenger angels bringing fresh heart to one another.

Stand before someone who is knee-deep in discouragement and tell them: “Something is ripening in you. Can’t you sense it about to burst forth in radiant blossoms? You, too, can be an angel of light for others. All that seems to be ephemeral in your life is in reality growing wings. Take heart! Lift your wings.” --- Feast of the Annunciation, March 25 , 2010

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  1. Well, you are an angel to many of us, Macrina :-) I will pass on your message and remind myself that sometimes indeed I can be an angel as well.

    Thank you.