Tuesday, March 9, 2010

All About Cows (sort of)

People sometimes tell me that I am too intense and serious so I have decided to share this little essay about cows, written by a ten year old. I hope this information is helpful and perhaps gives you a good laugh since laughter is wonderful medicine.

All About Cows (sort of)

The cow is a mammal and it is tame. It has six sides: right, left, fore, back, and upper and a below. At the back it has a tail on which hangs a brush. With this it sends flies away, so that they will not fall into the milk.

The head is for the purpose of growing horns, and so that the mouth can be somewhere. The horns are to butt with. The mouth is to moo with.

Under the cow hangs the milk. It is arranged for milking. When people milk, the milk comes, and there is never an end to the supply. How the cow does it I have not yet realized, but it makes more and more.

The cow has a fine sense of smell. One can smell it far away. This is the reason for the fresh air of the country.

The man cow is called an ox, and it is not a mammal. The cow does not eat much but what it eats, it eats twice so that it gets enough. When it is hungry it moos, and when it says nothing, it is because all its inside is full up of grass.

----taken from World Agriculture, written by a ten year old.

I’m sure this is exactly what you’ve been wanting to know.
Taking a little trip; see you when I return.


  1. Macrina - cute post ! I also love the one about bumping into winter and spring ... and having tea with both. Since I was just in Florida and now back in Alaska that is very fitting. Plus exploring some serious life changes... May your travels be graced with protection and joy. Peace - Beth K in Alaska

  2. Thank you for the laugh! I needed it today. Have a safe trip!

  3. Love it, especially the man cow not being a mammal!

  4. Macrina, have a wonderful trip! How cool that you love cows too, (I had many pet ones.) This is just a small essay from a book I'm presently working on, your blog is just great! I have been absolutely savoring Ann Lamott's Bird by Bird, love and God speed, Joni
    Week Two: Recently, when I completed a project, I commented to a friend that I was able to “bring home the cows” on it. As a farm girl through and through, I know cows and I really miss them. Most folks do not know how friendly, trusting and affectionate they can be. Our cows on the farm where I grew up were simply companions that hung out in our pasture and barn. Curious creatures, they often thought it was greener on the other side of the fence and would calmly trample our rather measly fence and go on ‘walk about’ to the neighbors. It was such a nuisance! My sister and I would have to hop on our horses and go bring them back, following the corn and bean line fences and the wooded creek. When the prodigal cows saw us coming to get them, they never ran away but rather, came toward us and headed home, having enjoyed their little outing.
    One by one, cow by cow, they would then amble to the water tank or their barn stalls, ready to rest after their excursion, deciding it wasn’t greener on the other side of the pasture after all. It was just fun to look. These humorous memories remind me of the desire we all have to expand our horizons, see what the world is made of and to explore what’s out there. For Reflection: Whether it’s an inner journey of the soul or an outer one, what would you like to explore in the following year---any fences you need to mend or cross?

  5. PS. Macrina, have you seen the amazing recent HBO movie, Temple Grandin? (About cows, autism, vison, giftedness, the power of mentors, perseverance, being one's own person and much more) That movie blew me away, everyone is saying the same thing, Oscar for Claire Danes, people are saying, I agree :) Hope you get to see it...

  6. Ps. Since we're writing about all things cows, I couldn't resist adding this neat passage from Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, page xxxi: "But I also tell them (my writing students) that sometimes when my writer friends are working, they feel better and more alive than they do at any other time. And sometimes when they are writing well, they feel that they are living up to something. It is as if the right words, the true words, are already inside them, and they just want to help them come out. Writing this way is a little like milking a cow: the milk is so rich and delicious, and cow is so glad you did it. I want people who come to my classes to have this feeling, too." Cheers to everyone who loves the written word, J

  7. Macrina,
    Many years ago I read a piece you wrote and even had a copy of it. But alas, I've lost it. I'm wondering if you still have a copy you can share.

    The article was in two parts. The first part described "what is God's job?". The second part described "what is our job". I believe you cited biblical sources for these job descriptions.

    I would be so grateful if I caould see a copy once again.


    Maureen Tauer