Saturday, September 27, 2014


Wonder is our prayer word for the month of September which is just about to slip into October.  In his many beautiful words Thomas Merton once wrote,

“Some people never see a tree

 until they are ready to saw it down.”

You are a creature of wonder.  You are a poet.  You are a poet not because of what you write but because of how you see.  Not everyone has discovered the hidden poet in their souls.  In the following reflection I am offering you some images that will hopefully draw forth the poet in your soul.   Where do poems live?  How well do you see?    Bring forth your receiving eyes.  Come forward with a seeing heart.  Listen carefully, and you will hear a quiet voice murmuring:  May I have your attention please?  We will never be people of wonder until we learn to pay attention.

Where do poems live?

In the early morning hours
---they fly through the sky singing.
They ride on the rays of the sun
---and breathe open the sleeping buds.
They fall from the sky
---in a thousand tiny raindrops.
They dance in sunlight
---on shining waters.
They sing through the darkness
---of the star studded night sky.
They flash forth lightening
---from dark, stormy places.
In tall swaying poplars
---they build their nests.
They rise up like blessings
---in the steam from your coffee
They gaze in your window
---from snow covered branches.

Where do poems live?

In new budding leaves
---and in dying foliage
In all that is blossoming
---and in all that is withering,
At birth and at death
---between birth and death.

Wherever you go
---they are waiting to greet you.
When you return home
--they meet you at the gate
Wherever you stand
---they stand beside you
Persistently they call out
“May I have your attention please!”
                       ©Macrina Wiederkehr

And what about you?  
      Where do poems live in your life?

It is there you will find the gift of WONDER.



  1. I love poetry...especially Mary Oliver, Wendell Berry, Billy Collins, Robert Frost, George Herbert, Marie Howe...working on introducing our parish to "Poetry for Ordinary Time" a manner of speaking. Poetry is a thin place.

  2. Ooh! I love this! Yes, poetry drips all around us! I have made a few of my own poetry submissions to a book of reflections that the Kairos School of Spiritual Formation is putting out for their 25th anniversary. We are asked to share a scripture or a quotation along with the work we submit, and I was hoping to use a quotation from Seven Sacred Pauses. I was wondering how to go about obtaining permission to use a quote from your book. I could not find any contact for you, so I hope you don't mind me posing this question on your blog. Thank you for considering!