Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Goodbye Fall ~~~ Hello Winter!

Enjoy This Last Evening of Fall.
Take a walk…

Winter Arrives Tomorrow.
{or, maybe it's today}

Well!  Not in quite so dramatic form perhaps,
but it does arrive for some of us.

Let the seasons, season you!
Enjoy the beauty of transformation
As you gaze at these two strikingly different photos
just think, for a minute, about your inner transformations.
They, too, deserve to be honored!
Thank you for changing with the seasons.



  1. Thank-you for your encouragement, dear Macrina!

    Have a blessed, peaceful Christmas!

  2. Christmas Day has flown past. Just now I have a quiet moment between bouts of after-Christmas sale shopping. I wanted to stop by and wish you all the joys of the season. As the quiet week approaches, may you find time to do all the things you most love. May you know, each day, how very blessed and loved you are. Happy Holidays, friend. ~ Relyn