Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Keeping Vigil with the Word of God

It is always exciting when a new book is born especially when the book is yours. My 8th book will have a September birthday. I like that because autumn begins in September and autumn is my favorite season. The portion I am quoting below from my book is from the 4th chapter which is entitled, Don't Look Back. This chapter is on commitment for I have perceived that commitment is difficult for many people. Yet it seems so essential for joyful daily living.

~~a quote and a prayer from ABIDE: Keeping vigil with the Word of God~~

A human person on fire with love for the 'way of Christ' and setting that fire ablaze with action and contemplation is one of my images of commitment.


Your invitation has not been forgotten. There was no RSVP so I have dilly-dallied in my response. I want to be your disciple but I struggle with the cost. All? The cost is all? There are moments when I find such extravagance attractive. My whole-heart leaps for joy at the very thought of this prodigal gift of self. But my half-heart cringes at the thought of having nothing left for it. Perhaps if I could get my half-heart to make friends with my whole-heart the result would be a harmonious friendship that would bless my burning desire to be your disciple. But my half-heart is so cautious and not too keen about the exquisite risk of giving all.

O Unfailing Love, please be patient while I work this out.

--taken from ABIDE: Keeping Vigil with the Word of God

(Macrina Wiederkehr, Liturgical Press--early September release)


  1. Congratulations on your new book, Macrina! Methinks it might be an ideal September read.

  2. Thank you for this exquisite quote today... I am in my orientation week to begin my seminary training, and while my head is full to overflowing with practical details I find that my heart is suddenly very afraid of what this decision to follow God's call will (and has already) cost me. Your words are a wonderful companion through this time.

  3. Congratulations, Macrina, on another new book. It takes so much discipline to write a book. I honor that in you. Remember the first book and the little celebration party you had with a few friends? (No, I was not there. It was in some park, you said.) Did something break? - a clay chalice, or something? And, at that time did you ever think you would be "birthing" your 8th book one day .... with more books
    to follow? Rebecca

  4. Dearest Marcrina: Praise God and kudos to you, my dear friend. You always come through for us who are waiting. I read some of your meditations in places unexpected (Living Faith, for example) and I know it is you before I look at the author's name. Thank you so much. You have a way, Marcina. Hopefully the Lord will allow you to continue to write. Our heart's desires change as we age. Follow your heart. Be blessed in all ways and once again, thank you for your ever-present honesty.

  5. Love the title of your new book! [easy to remember and full of meaning!]
    I look forward to reading it!

  6. Oh, I forgot to identify myself in my last comment....not "Anonymous", but Lila here. [Blogger is not letting me comment as I did for 6 years, with a link to my blog...a change I am not happy about, but resigned to!---seems like the more things "improve" the more they don't!]
    Right now, as my grandmother would have said, I can't "abide" being unrecognized and non-linked by Blogger!
    Looking forward to your book!