Friday, October 1, 2010

Today I Will Be A Poet

Although September was a wonderful ly creative month, it appears not to have been a very productive month for my blog. I am just fine with that though. My promise to myself is not to make unnecessary rules and demands. It seems important to enjoy what I do, thus I must practice giving myself positive messages. I am getting a little better with this though it is still a practice. ~~~~This summer I took an online creative class from the Abbey of the Arts. If you don't know about this wonderful site just google it and it will appear. Some day I will take the time to learn how to put those wonderful links into my blog where you can just click and BEHOLD! What you click you will see. That day has not yet arrived. I would like to gift you with a poem written during my monk/artist class. Enjoy it as you honor the monk and artist in your own deep soul.

Today I Will Be a Poet

Today I will be a poet
"like a feather on the breath of God,"
I will yield to the untraceable wind
sensing myself being breathed into the mystery.
Today I will gather beauty
I will see with the eye of the Beloved
I will practice adoring every little thing
I will listen to the voice of the moon flower
and kneel at the roots of the Sycamore.
Today I will be obedient
to water, wind, earth and fire,
as they allow the Divine to speak through them
I, too, will allow myself to be spoken through.
Today I will be a poet, a monk and an artist.
When light climbs out of the sweet darkness,
falling down in golden streams
upon my mystic heart,
I will stand in the light fall
and become a vessel of light and darkness.
My Heart Will Overflow
With Eternal Questions!
Poet, monk, artist, mystic:
siblings on our beautiful earth
answers to eternal questions
containers of light and dark
keepers of a 'power' that saves.
~~Macrina Wiederkehr
[written on the altar of daily life]


  1. Thank you for welcoming October with one of your Way of the Monk poems! I have been thinking of you and meaning to thank you for the increasing calm in my life as I am practicing Sacred Pauses at least 4 times a day...



  2. Today I will be Macrina the poet/mystic's poet friend ...
    Sabah, East Malaysia
    Almost home and Yes! - surprise anointings.

  3. Just one month ago I discovered your blog. Thanks for sharing your poems and your thoughts.

  4. Your poem touches me so...beautiful imagery...especially liking "untraceable wind sensing myself being breathed into the mystery..." We were under an oak tree at San Damiano Retreat on Monday, and listened to someone read a couple of poem/reflections from your book with Joyce Rupp "Circle of Life"...I hope all is okay as I got an email from you this morning saying you were in trouble...probably a virus?

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  6. Yes Fe I am ok,,just mad as a hornet. I am supposed to be stranded in Wales needing money.
    I guess we could all use some money...and I wouldn't mind being in Wales but it ain't so.
    O Spirit of the Universe...heal people who do cruel things. And lets all have a good day even when miserable things happen to us. I guess it is a choice.

  7. Thank you for the beautiful poem... the blessing
    of PAUSING with you! Grateful you are okay and not stranded in Wales.Abundance of PEACE ~

  8. Oh Macrina I am so happy to find your beautiful blog. I love your writing and especially SEVEN SACRED SPACES, which i keep in my living room all the time. I have just put on my blog a little Book of Hours I have made.. using the key points from your book. Thank you.

  9. Thanks Joan...I am longing to get back to my blog but time is a factor at the moment.

  10. Thank you Macrina. All the way from Australia I thank you. What a wonderful world God has created and my heart to sings a song of thankfulness to God. Just to be alive. what a wonderful gift.

  11. Connie B. ThomasonOctober 27, 2010 at 4:00 AM

    Looks like you are an answer to a prayer of mine! I found you from today's reading in the Living Faith devotional. I am so looking forward to hearing the Father speak to me...I am on a journey of learning how to relax and be anxious for nothing...