Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Feast of St. Benedict

Happy Feast of St. Benedict to all who love the Benedictine Way! I love feasts! Although there are special days and occasions when we celebrate in a more elaborate way, it is possible to turn very ordinary moments into feasts. That is my speciality in life. I've always had the ability to turn unexpected moments of beauty into a feast. This morning for awhile I feasted on the light coming through the trees. When we feast we often think of creative dinners and beautiful plates of food. This morning I feasted on the scriptures. While praying my Lectio Divina using the first reading from mass (for the feast of St. Benedict) I decided to read very slowly and just gather insights....The reading was Proverbs 2: 1-11. For this special feast I would like to share, with you, some of my gathered thoughts and prayers:
  • receive and treasure
  • turn ear, incline heart
  • ear to wisdom
  • heart to understanding
  • hidden treasures of wisdom
  • seek her like silver
  • soon you will understand
  • from the mouth of the Holy One
  • God is a shield
  • guarding the path
  • every good path
  • strewn with justice and honesty
  • your heart will be a guest for wisdom
  • discretion will watch over you
  • understanding will guard you
When you open the pages of your scripture, remember that these words can become a feast. All that is required is your presence with an open mind and an open heart. In honor of St. Benedict find a little cave today, a space to rest awhile and think about the things that truly matter.

When you eat your next meal, look at your plate and know that the feast does not consist solely in eating the food before you; but also in enjoying the precious gift of the ones who are around your table--and should you be eating alone, try to remember all who have sat at your table from your childhood to the present moment. Your table is crowded with guests.



  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you :-)

  2. Beautiful, Macrina, thanks. I was up late last night writing a feast blog, but have some mechanical difficulties. Hopefully, it will be available soon. Thanks for sharing the Benedcitine way.

  3. Happy Feast Day (a day late!) to you and your fellow monks!
    I've just been browsing on Amazon and came across a book by a Benedictine from India, Russell Paul. The book, "Jesus in the Lotus", looks like a good link between yoga spirituality and Christians.
    [Re: books...Of course, Lectio Divina probably works best on scriptures from the Bible!]