Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Grateful for the sun, moon and stars that shine upon us day and night

Grateful for the silent, mystical gospel of dawn and dusk

Grateful for the friends who sit at the table of my heart

Grateful for the many faces of God, revealed to me each day

Grateful for the honest ones in my life who call me to live awake

Grateful for my family whose roots are entwined with my heart

Grateful for the raindrops that bless the thirsty earth

Grateful for everything that grows and buds and blossoms

Grateful for my passionate yearning to remain rooted in Christ

Grateful for sorrows and joys that keep me loving and living

Grateful for the one lone leaf I’ve been watching—that finally let go

Grateful for the winds in my life that blow things out of place

Grateful for the fire of life that rekindles my enthusiasm

Grateful for mentors who support my many paths to God

Grateful for poets, artists, musicians and authors who feed my soul

Grateful for the medicine of God’s Word

Grateful for the ointment of beauty

Grateful for silence and solitude that restore my heart-vision

Grateful for St. Benedict’s encouragement to balance work and prayer

Grateful for the ability to be grateful and oh, yes, grateful for YOU!

Gratefully Yours,
©Macrina Wiederkehr


  1. Grateful for Under the Sycamore Tree.

  2. And I am grateful for the beautiful spirits that grace this earth, bringing their gratitude, bringing their compassion, bringing their wisdom. You are one of them. Love...

  3. I echo Em and Rebecca. This is beautiful.