Thursday, October 15, 2009


Hopefully it is not terminal but I do believe I have the beginnings of blog envy. Since envy is one of the capital sins I would like to free myself from its grip just as soon as possible. I have felt it creeping up slowly when I am surfing blogs. It isn’t likely you will find me surfing TV channels since I watch TV so seldom but I do love words and enjoy reading about people’s lives, their dreams and hopes, their favorite books, even the things they like to eat and grow and who they would enjoy having tea with. It would be easy for me to become part of a blog community if I had the time.

And oh my, as I surf, there are these little voices in my head that begin to talk to me saying, “well look at this creative blog.” (i.e. Lila's photo above) Why can’t you be a bit more creative?” And some blogs have all those neat backgrounds—and features I’ve never tried to use staring me in the face until even my blog starts talking to me, saying things like, “Why don’t you spruce me up just a bit? I’m a little dull next to some of these beauties.”

“Well,” I try to explain, “I’m a beginner and am likely to make a career out of being a beginner. After all, you are a contemplative blog and so you need a lot of white space. Some of these other blogs, much as I love them, are a little busy,” I tell myself—hoping for some consolation.

After all, the most sensible thing to do is to follow the advice given in the name of Beth's blog: Be yourself---everyone else is taken --I find that most consoling so I will try to be myself and stumble along in BlogLand as I am able.

And I do thank Lila for allowing me to use her (what shall we call it) eye poem, dream board, creative collage, whatever: knowing all the while that if I had more time to experiement I could have inserted her blog page so that it would open up to the very page of her creative display above.

Oh well...Enjoy whatever page you are on; and truly as Beth says, Be yourself. Everyone else is taken. And you are just fine whoever you are--wherever you are.


  1. Oh yes, I do know what you mean. Ever so often I have a little tweak of my blog to try and improve it.

    BUT, good content is the most important thing, and you and Beth are absolutely right, being yourself is fine enough.

  2. Of course, I think this is a wonderful post, LOL!
    We all suffer from this to some extent.
    Looking forward to more comtemplative posts from you, Macrina.
    And keept the white space!

  3. hello dear heart... i thought of you today...

    will update my new journal soon...

  4. Yes, I know what you mean...Perhaps at the other end of envy is admiration. I was listening to a talk one time at an ashram where the resident swami was telling us what we need to do in our lives is to realize that we should be ourselves not someone else! Somehow that gave me a LOT of comfort. I resist from journaling because I hate to ruin the blank pages...Something stops me. I was admiring someone's handmade book she took to a workshop to take notes. Knowing my resistance, she offered to scratch something on one of the pages of my book. I will take this to the retreat this weekend with you to take notes. I am looking forward to seeing you then. It rains sometimes but we need it!

  5. thank you for loving my blog and my statement....
    it holds true for all of us....all the time, under all circumstances....

    and remember...we all start somewhere and's the journey that's the best part anyhow :)

    if you ever need blog help, just give me a shout...but I think you are doing great !!!

  6. A contemplative blog by definition needs to be less fancy and more substantive. It needs to inspire us to Remember the Self, that which is the same within us all and where there are no differences at all. Reflecting on the difference between being ones "self" and allowing the Self to be us is a good example. Thank you Macrina for a great blog site.